Heart disease is seen as a male issue. Despite the fact that more women die of it than men every year. This is due to the symptoms being harder to distinguish in women, causing them to be misdiagnosed 50% more than men and often taking twice as long to seek medical help.


Team up with Hasbro to create the first female Operation game around the unknown symptoms for women and heart disease.


Produced in a limited run of 683 to represent the women that die each year from the lack of equal care. With all proceeds going to the British Heart Foundation.


The game would contain the latest information on heart disease for women.
Now time sensitive, to create awareness that women take twice as long to seek medical advice.


The game will be played in a certain order before finally removing the heart.
This is to show the reality of misdiagnoses and how important it is to respond quickly.


All cards would include information that isn't commonly known, prompting people to visit their GP if they experience anything like on the cards, these would be used as social posts. 


The game would be adapted to become an app that people can easily download and engage with